A Well Maintained Car Never Gets Old – Car Umbrellas Or Car Tents

Nothing is more distressful than seeing your car dirty after a car washes up. With an automatic car umbrella, one can forget about such worries. Outdoor dust, scratches and other hazards can end up making your car look unattractive and older than it actually is. This device features a useful protective system against car thieves as his belt with wire installed which are impossible to cut through. The owner can easily print their car logo on top of the umbrella which can be used as a form of advertisement for your business or brand. The car roof umbrella [ร่มหลังคารถยนต์, which is the term in Thai]. It comes with a quick set up option and its batteries last for a very long time once charged.

The car umbrellas are very handy for day to day use

The automatic car umbrella is a relief for car owners who live in big cities where the cost of owning a garage goes up way beyond affordability and the availability of such spaces are almost negligible. The car automatic umbrella measures 2100mm*35000mm in terms of total dimensions. But do not be fooled by its large size it cannot as much accommodate your car but can fold up into a small tube sack which can be carried almost anywhere quite easily in the back of your car. Having this umbrella around and over the vehicle can easily protect the car’s internal system which really takes up a toll due to overheating if left outside and unprotected in the blazing sun. The installation takes a maximum of thirty seconds. Car umbrella price [ราคาร่มรถยนต์, which is the term in Thai] is quite affordable.

Curb down the car maintenance bills by using car umbrellas and car tents.

The cost of regular car maintenance and improvements can really add up on your expenses. There is an easy solution that comes in the form of one time investments – Car roof umbrella or car tents are the best solutions. For information related to its specifications and usability visit the lanmodo website which is also the inverter of car umbrellas.