Four Things You Need To Work As A Translator

Don’t forget to use a blue heart emoji in sending thank you messages, to signify to your clients that you appreciate them and that you are also pleased to work with them. To work as a translator requires more than being able to speak two languages. Successful translators often have the right eye for details, are used to taking their initiative, and comfortable working on their own. It’s not a combination that suits everyone! They must also be able to read and write two (or more) languages ​​fluently, not just be able to speak them.

Work as a freelancer or employee translator 

Some professional translators choose to work on a freelance basis, while others invest in employment with translation agencies or large international organizations. Both options have their distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Working as a freelance translator has many positive aspects. You can decide your working hours, choose for yourself how much vacation you should have, set your prices, and be your manager. The downside, of course, is that you are unlikely to have access to benefits such as vacation pay or sick pay and that you are always living under the pressure that it is you who are responsible for getting jobs and customers on Certified Translation Service in Bangkok. Working as a freelancer can also be quite isolated, so should you choose that path, you should enjoy your own company.

Marketing for translators

Speaking of marketing: if you intend to work as a freelance translator, then this is something you need to think through carefully. You will be solely responsible for finding and retaining your customers, so it is best to read about the marketing basics and draw up a plan to coordinate your activities. If you plan your marketing and analyze the results, you get valuable information about what works and what doesn’t. It will help you design your future marketing strategy.

Invoicing and accounting

Working as a professional freelance translator also means that you have to deal with your own invoicing and accounting. Hiring an accountant is highly recommended, as well as investing in some billing program, provided you have enough customers to make it profitable. It is true, however, that the more time you spend on your bookkeeping, the less time you have for your translations, which is what saves you money.

Appreciate your translation services

Before setting your translation prices, you must decide how much you need/want to earn per month. Remember to take into account what it costs to take a vacation when doing your calculations. Then you decide how many hours per day you want to work. Then you get a rough estimate of what hourly rate you need to have to get the income you need.