Be An Efficient Writer: Amazing Tools That You Can Get From Using Word Count Tool

When talking about a word counter, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is a tool that provides an exact count of words. It’s actually correct, but that’s not the only thing a word counter can do, especially with Word Count Tool. This site offers a wide range of tools that you can use for your writing needs, and here are some of the amazing tools you can get. buy real Tiktok followers here

Character Counter

The primary use of a character counter is to provide you or help you create more precise and direct content for your social media posts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By writing direct and straightforward sentences or topics, your reader will quickly understand your point and the thought you’re trying to send them, which is essential when sending a message.

To access the Character Counter, you have to go to Word Count Tool, and from there, you’ll find the Character Counter on the upper right corner of the page. When you’re inside the Character Counter, you’ll notice that under Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there are limits to the characters that you can only type or have, and it’s there for a reason.

Facebook Character Count

You might be questioning yourself right now why you can only have 80 characters for Facebook. But first, just to set a proper expectation, the actual limit you can type on Facebook is at least 63,000 characters. Character Counter only made it 80 for you to make your posts short, precise, and direct to the point. That’s the key to get your reader’s attention.

Twitter Character Count

Unlike the Facebook Character Count with 80 characters, the Twitter Character Count has more available characters, which is 280. It’s because Twitter users are more fanned in reading short topics and articles. However, Twitter users can decide whether to read your posts or not; that will depend on the topic and the message you’re trying to send.

Instagram Character Count

Suppose you want your Instagram posts to get more attention from other Instagram users. The ideal number of characters you should be posting on Instagram should not be more than 150 characters, and to make it more convincing, you can add a short quote that represents your picture to add an extra feel to it.

Word Counter

Word Count Tool can’t be called a real word counter if it can’t count words. That’s why the Word Count Tool has Word Count; it will provide you the exact number of words that you have on a particular article; it also has Character Count with Space, Character Count Without Spaces, Paragraph Count, and Sentence Count.

With the Character Count with Space and Character Count without, it’s very self-explanatory. It will provide you with the number of characters you have on a specific sentence or paragraph, including spaces and not including spaces.

On the other hand, the Paragraph Count lets you know how many paragraphs a particular article has. While the Sentence Count provides the exact number of sentences, you have on your article or essay, which will also help you maintain the right number of sentences on every paragraph you have.

In Word Count, you can also change the Font style, Text Size, Casing, and even delete everything, which is very handy. There’s also a feature wherein you will know how many times you repeated a particular word and its percentage, which is a unique feature that other Word Count Tool sites didn’t have.

Mind Map

If you need to plan for a presentation or make a report, Mind Map is the perfect tool you can get from Word Count Tool to manage your ideas well. The Mind Map is pretty easy to use; you just need to press “add node” and click the “Edit Node” to type your idea.

With Mind Map, you can write all of your ideas and sequence them according to your preference, which is quite impressive. It’s like making a PowerPoint presentation, but only using one sheet representing every idea you’ve collected.

Scrabble Word Finder

Word Count Tool has the best word finder tool that you can ever have right now. When you type a particular word, it automatically provides you all the possible words you can get from the original word you typed.

The primary purpose of the Scrabble Word Finder is to help people have a better Scrabble game experience. With Scrabble Word Finder by your side, you’ll not lose any Scrabble game. Another cool thing about the Scrabble Word Finder is that it categorizes every word that it gets from the original word you typed, which helps you find the words easier.


Suppose you’re the type of individual that regularly posts content on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In that case, the Word Count Tool is the perfect website that you should consider. Also, if you want a tool that can help you manage your ideas, the Mind Map is definitely worth a shot. see more on the blog