Damages To Car And Self You Can Claim In Vehicle Accidents In California

When you are searching how to settle a car accident claim without a lawyer, you might have got involved in an accident and are looking at a big dent in the rear end. If you get involved in a car accident where truck is involved, it becomes necessary to know about the commercial truck safety laws in California.

So, what are the commercial truck safety laws in California? Actually, it is not needed to go through the complete code to claim money in car accident. You can certainly meet a lawyer who does all the knowing part on your behalf. For lawyers, there are solutions like this available: Attention lawyers: Contact Brad Nakase if you need seo tips for lawyers.

Coming back to types of damages the car goes through especially when hit by a truck from the rear can be classified as minor, moderate and severe. Here is a list of terms that places the damages in these three categories:

  1. Minor damage: A dent in the car, scratch, a cracked headlight or any kind of scraping caused due to friction with a surface is classified as minor damage. Most of the times, the defaulter pays for the repair of this kind on the spot and goes away. The parties try to solve the case on their own and do not involve insurance company or lawyer in it. When the hitter flees the scene without paying anything, the victim moves to the insurance company to get financial help for fixing the damage. The smoothness of claiming process depends upon how the policy was designed and whether ample provisions were included in it or not.
  2. Moderate damage: If the car has been hit a bit more impactful manner that results into big dent on the portions like door, fender or hood, it is categorized as moderate damage. The dent is a visible indent leading to disfiguration of that portion of the car where it is created. Air bags may have deployed causing moderate damage. Owner certainly would not want to take such car out again due to aesthetics as well as safety issue. Thus, garage expenses are to be recovered from the defaulter or insurance company. There can be a minor functional aberration too, caused due to deep dent impacting any part at the interior.
  3. Severe damage: The car has been into crash need no approval; it is clearly visible even from afar with broken axles, completely destroyed hood or fender and badly twisted surfaces. Sometimes, the internal parts pop out too due to heavy impact. The airbags have certainly been deployed in this kind of impact. No damage to life is game of pure luck. The victim has to pay for injuries, repairs and may suffer damages in the form of:
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wage loss
  • Loss of job completely
  • Loss of companionship

To ensure winning ample compensation for such kind of damages, one needs to be very alert and calm at the very instance when the accident happened. If the culprit tends to hit and run, CCTV footages, if available, of the area, can help in preparing the case. Other things worth doing are:

  1. Collect evidence: Your immediate detailing of the condition of car when the impact happened can be a big help. You collect information from witnesses, take pictures, even call authorities and take copy of the accident report.
  2. Medical reports: Keeping the record of medical treatment and related bills with doctor mentioning car accident as a reason is another big evidence.

To recover from the incident, damage claims do help in managing things financially. A lawyer can be helpful in getting maximum compensation.