The two sides of the coin. the Legality of Ayahuasca

The healing power of Mother Ayhuasca has touched and changed the lives of millions throughout the world. Then how can it be deemed illegal? Healing or curing people is always a good deed and benefits mankind. Many people have recovered from seemingly impossible bouts of depression and anxiety, substance addictions and suicidal tendencies through this effective usage of ayahausca intake. So why is it still banned in many countries on a legal basis? On a logical parlance, there is no cause without effect. A good thing always comes with a heavy price and the DMT component present in this plant brew make it taboo on many occasions.

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The DMT component often has hallucinogenic effects and some so-called shamans have been known to misbehave with ladies in such conditions. However, there are some great and compassionate shamans in the Shipibo culture who feel disgraced by the unbecoming conduct of their fellow men. According to the law of the US, the DMT was put under the 1971 federal control act and can gain legal acquisition only with the consent of the DEA and the FDA.  In the United Kingdom, the usage of ayahusca is a taboo topic and is punishable by law. As far as Australia is concerned, the ayahuasca is regarded as off limits and if needed for research purpose, it can obtain only after the government permission. Although ayahuasca is certainly not a drug but a plant drink made out of banisteriopsis caapi and chacruna, the effects of the DMT are extremely strong.  The people who seek out the ayahuasca treatment must do so with the utmost senses and responsibility at a genuine and expert healing center under the care of a good healer.  People who try this out for a lark are not understanding the true significance and respect of Mother Ayahuasca.


If ayahuasca had been made legal, the innovation of the traditional healing retreat would have no value. The best place for the wonderful and rejuvenating ayahuasca ceremony is the Peruvian retreat. Remember one thing that if ayahuasca would be readily available, the power of the healing would be taken for granted and it would be exploited. Travelling to the exotic locations of South America to enjoy the yage therapy is great for patients would mean to meet the powerful plant in her natural environment, among her native shamans and enjoy a wonderful life after the healing.