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An offshore bookmaker is a house located outside the territory of the United States. Indicates that the bookmaker does not accept any more bets (eg because the sporting event we are trying to bet on has already started). Name with which the team or non-favorite player is known within a competition, tournament, meeting, etc. (The term “Underdog” is also used). Teams and players considered Outsiders have higher value odds compared to favorite teams and players.

An Overlay exists when the value of a odds is more in favor of the bettor than the bookmaker

Over / Under (Over / Under) : Over / Under slot88 bets seek to make a prediction that the total number, whether goals, points, games, etc. of a match exceeds (over) or does not exceed (Under) the bookmaker’s proposal. If the odds Over / Under 2.5 goals in the Milan – Inter match are 2.30 for the Over and 1.45 for the Under, and we bet on the Over, the bet was won if 3 or more goals were produced in the match, and we will lose it if the match there are two or less goals.

Patent (7 Bets)

System Bet

In a patent system 3 predictions are made of which they are formed: a single bet per forecast, 3 combined bets of two and a combined bet of three. To make a profit, you must have at least 1 correct forecast. The exact amount of the win depends on the number of correct predictions.


A “parlay” is a single bet that unites 2 to 8 individual bets. It can consist of a series of bets on teams or totals, or a mixture of the two. For it to be a winning bet, each individual bet that makes it up must also win. If any of the bets that make up the parlay lose, then the entire parlay loses as well. However, if any of the bets that make up the parlay is a tie or push, the bet remains with the remaining bets. A two-team parlay would become a three-team parlay, a two-team parlay would become a direct bet, with corresponding reductions in payout. Payouts in parlays are significantly more significant than individual bets.

  • Past post : Placing a bet on a sporting event that has already started.
  • Penalty : Type of simple bet consisting of determining if there will be penalty kicks during the course of the sporting match.
  • Permutation : A move that allows more than one bet to be made in a single operation, using double provisions for different sporting events. The total number of bets will result from multiplying the double forecasts present in the selection.


Also called tips. Bet recommended by an expert. The tipster will give his forecast based on factors such as statistics, rankings, casualties, penalties, history, etc. It is usually expressed in the following order: Participant who is betting, the value of the odds, the bookmaker where it is made and the stake.