What Can Parents Learn from Online Gaming Platforms with Dealing the Security Threats?

The stereotype, ‘parents hate games’, is not true. Modern parents borrow from online games to make parenting more fun and relaxed. Here’s how they do it –

Is gaming all that bad for your children? Parents often confuse gaming with excessive gaming. Doing anything in excess is harmful. But, that doesn’t mean that parents should completely ban games in the household. Instead, parents need to focus on the benefits of gaming and use them to prepare for their teenage years. Yes, gaming can be helpful in –

  • Improving your child’s career trajectory
  • Improve IQ thanks to faster rates of information processing
  • Create strong bonds with fellow gamers.

Cleaning Games – Using Games to Promote Cleanliness

Parents can learn a lot from basic mobile games. For instance, if parents research some of their children’s games, they can create similarly exciting real-life scenarios. Plus, parents who are experts at browsing the internet for information are more likely to come across VeraJohn bonuses or similar discounts. Some game ideas include –

  • Speed-tidying – Ask your children to clean their room within a fixed period. The ones who are faster can get bonuses!
  • Laundry game – The child who helps with daddy’s laundry, wins exciting prizes. (for instance, new clothes)

These games are much more fun when two siblings compete against each other. However, you can reap the benefits of these creative games even if you have a single child. The goal of these cleaning games? Making your child more organized!

Study Games

Parents should read guides about all aspects of parenting. By adding gaming research into the mix, they can transform mundane household activities into exciting competitions. For instance, a study game can look like this –

  • Create a chart with study-related chores
  • Assign time limits to fasten the process of learning
  • The child that completes all the chart objectives receives prizes

Children lagging should be encouraged to use their creativity to resolve their issues. When studies are as fun as playing, education is guaranteed!


The only reason children find games appealing is because they are rewarding. The term ‘rewarding’ isn’t being used metaphorically here – games reward players with prizes and incentives that are too good to refuse. So, why can’t parents apply the same reward-mechanism in their parenting? Every child who cleans his room receives an award. The award can be either a privilege or money. There’s a lot that parents can learn from the games they love to hate!