Gaming: Mechanical Keyboards Vs. Membrane

To know if you want a membrane or mechanical keyboard, you first have to know the difference between them, which will be explained here.

How Do Membrane Keyboards Work?

The membrane keyboards are composed of 2 thin plastic sheets containing conductive tracks and a 3rd membrane that separates them with holes in the areas where the key is pressed. When a key is pressed, electricity is passed from one sheet to another, thanks to which it is known that a key has been pressed.

How Do Mechanical Keyboards Work?

Mechanical keyboards offer you a better experience if you spend the day playing video games, such as Fortnite or League of legends (Lol). Click to check out the game boosting services.

They work with individual switches under each key, and each switch is composed of a base, a spring, and a stem.

Types Of Mechanical Keyboards

There is a standard to identify the types of mechanical keyboards that go by colors. They are called “Cherry” and here is a list for you to choose the one that best suits your tastes.

Cherry MX Black: They have a linear switch, and it is the quietest. It is an ideal switch to play since there is less chance that you will give it to another key unintentionally, but to write long texts it can be somewhat exhausting.

Cherry MX Red: Its switch is also linear and silent. They are ideal for spending hours writing or programming even though some also like it for gaming since you have to make less pressure on the keys.

Cherry MX Brown: This could be said to have an all-in-one system since it is silent and has a touch switch, which makes it a perfect keyboard for gaming and also typing.

Cherry MX Silver: This keyboard is ideal for gaming because thanks to its technology, it makes it possible to press the keys faster than in the others.

Cherry MX Blue: They are the most popular nowadays.  It is a touch keyboard, and for some, it can be noisy, but for others, they may love the sound. It has a 2mm actuation point, and you need a pressure of 50gr for its activation.