Multiple Ways To Cook Foie Gras Of Goose

The Foie Gras Goose is a delicacy made from the fatty liver of a goose, served as a Pate. The Foie Gras means the ‘Fat Liver’ in French.  It comes from the Waterfowl (Goose) that have been force-fed. In this ancient practice, the liver of the bird or animal is swelled by 10 times their normal size as food like corn is fed forcefully.

The Foie Gras Taste

As the Foie Gras has approximately up to 65 percent fat by weight, making it rich and more buttery. The droplets of fat are evenly dispersed as it is tiny in size, giving it a delicacy, smooth and silky mouth-feel. The Goose foie gras is pretty rarer and has a simple mild flavor compare to Duck foie gras.

The Top 4 Ways To Cook Foie Gras

The green gall bladder is attached to the liver. It is removed very carefully from the whole Foie Gras Goose to prepare the raw meat. After removing the traces, it is splined into two different sections of the liver by hand. Then, cut the lobes according to the length to precisely remove the blood veins. 

Now from here the four different options or methods for the preparation of Foie gras are as follows:

  • Prepare Foie Gras By Searing

The simplest and easy way to prepare fresh foie gras is by cutting the lobes into thick slices and, sear them upon cutting. Searing is done briefly in butter; cause the change of color little brown and crispy from the outside. And, meltingly smooth from the inside. It becomes tender after well-cooked because the liver contains low collagen. And, can taste a little dry if it is overcooked.

  • Foie Gras Terrine Dish

To make this dish, press the fatty liver from Foie Gras Goose in the mold and heat it gently through-out in a hot water bath to well cook. After cooking, cool it down and slice the terrine carefully to serve it. This item is commonly known as Pate de Foie Gras. 

  • Foie Gras Torchon Item

 This dish involves the process of a roll of livers in a towel to poach them. Poaching is done for the easier and smooth slicing of the round for an appetizer.

  • Foie Gras Mousse In The Menu

In this menu, the foie gras is purely cooked into a mousse. And, it is served on toasted brioche by spreading the Mouse.