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Know that it is very difficult to predict a sports result. Nothing is written in advance, as evidenced by the rather unexpected victory of Marion Bartoli at Wimbledon 2013, who started with odds of 809 to 1.

For example, betting 10 euros on the victory of Lorient with Sbobet88 odds of 2.6 may seem like a wise choice: you would win 26 euros in case of victory, which makes you a profit of 16 euros. The problem is that Lorient’s chances of winning are low, and so are the odds that you will win 26 euros.

On the other hand, you could bet 10 euros on OM and win 14 euros in case of victory. The profit is small (4 euros) but the chances of winning are much greater.

What can we bet on?

To win in sports betting, you can bet on anything and everything. Victory and defeat, but also number of games scored in a second set, total corners collected in the first half, name of the player who received the first yellow card.

You can bet on the normal score or on a handicap (is done a lot in Great Britain and the United States). For example you could predict that Manchester United will win against Arsenal with more than one goal gap – it’s like giving Manchester a one-goal handicap.

Finally, know that all sports and all leagues are available. If you are a Hungarian football fan, you will find what you are looking for at your favorite betting site. But it is also possible to bet on boxing, cricket, snooker, or surfing.

Sports betting infographic

Most Popular Sports Infographic

Sometimes there are even bets that are really out of the ordinary, like betting on the next President of the United States or the gender of Prince William’s first baby (yes, the English are a little crazy sometimes).

Is there a strategy to win in sports betting?

If there was a strategy that worked every time, I wouldn’t be here writing this article; I will be on a beach under the coconut trees.

A sports meeting has no logic , and the strongest is not always the one who wins in the end. The surprises are numerous, especially in football and even more in the French Ligue 1.

Many will tell you to bet the favorite on all matches. Take the 2012/2013 football season (yes it goes back ) , Paris Saint Germain was the big favorite, right? And yet, if you had bet 10 euros on all PSG matches during the season, you would have won only 21 euros at the end of the season. Not really expensive paid, especially since you would have spent the season with a negative balance (less profits than stakes).