The Purchase of Laptops

High cost performance has been one of the factors that many consumers must consider when purchasing products. There are many people who link it with low price. They ignore that the concept of cost performance is relative in itself. Its significance lies in buying the best performance products at the same price. The difference of laptop price in UK is not great. But price cannot be the only factor in product purchase. We need to pay attention to various characteristics between different brands and products.

The accessories related to the smoothness of laptops include CPU, GPU, hard disk and memory, etc. Their upgrading speed is fast. In the mainstream laptop consumption market, CPU is monopolized by Intel and AMD. Their brand appeal is also very strong. Most of the processor models used by their two brands end with H in products that focus on cost performance. AMD processors ending in U are more used in thin and light books with higher performance. For example, R7-4800U and Intel. I7-1185G7: i7 exist as the overall series positioning. 11 represents the 11th generation product. 8 represents the CPU performance level. 5 represents the processor energy consumption interval. And the number 7 after G represents the graphics card performance level of the core graphics card. Therefore, the CPU for Intel is to look at the numbers after 11 and G. They are all that the larger the number, the higher the efficiency of the theory.

Of course, GPU, graphics card and hard disk memory will all affect the performance of the computer. These are all some more professional data analysis, each point can be used as the subject content of an article, so there will not be too many explanations here. You can have a more comprehensive understanding through the search engine. In addition to the old-fashioned data, I would also like to remind you to pay attention to the screen.

The screen is often forgotten after these hardware configurations, but its importance is understood by everyone. The use of computers cannot be separated from the screen. At present, more than 95% of the mainstream laptops in the market use IPS screens, and TN screens are rarely seen. In addition to the panel, we should also pay attention to the resolution of the screen. Under the same screen size, the higher the resolution, the higher the definition. The screen resolutions of common laptops on the market are 1920X1080, 2560X1440, 3840X2160 and 1366X768. In addition, paying attention to the screen also needs to pay attention to the color gamut. Gamut refers to the range of colors that can be displayed on the screen and its proportion in the “Gamut Specification” color. Laptops are commonly equipped with sRGB and NTSC screens. They have their own advantages. The wider the color gamut, the more accurate the color displayed.

As for the purchase of laptops, different people have different opinions. Everyone has his own judgment.