Creativity: Top 7 Emojis That Most People Are Using Right Now

Do you have any idea why emoji started or how it started? Emoji began in 2010, from text emojis or emoticon to the latest emoji images that you see right now. There are so many emojis right now that you might get confused about which one to use.  To send an emoji all you need to do is  open up your devices’ keyboard and look for the emoji button. Another alternative way to send emojis is by using Bixby Voice. If you don’t know what is bixby, it is a virtual assistant developed by Samsung Electronics that is loaded with useful features that makes your life easier. It even has a feature that makes it so that you don’t need to use your hands to send a message or an emoji while using Bixby voice, all you need to do is use your voice.

Listed below are the emojis which most people are using right now:

Smiling Face With Sunglasses Emoji

Smiling face with sunglasses emoji or usually called cool emoji is perfect for situations like when people wanted to appreciate something awesome. You already might encounter this emoji type in one of your group chats in your social media account. Your friends will send you this if they want to say or see something outstanding.

Other people also use this kind of emoji when they want to express their approval or appreciation. You can also use cool emoji when you want to describe your weather, which means sunny or hot.

Face With Rolling Eyes Emoji

Face with rolling eyes, also known as Eye Roll, is usually used in answering nonsense phrases or if you want to tell them that you don’t even care at all about the thing they are telling you. Although, using the face with rolling eyes can be used for disapproval or being angry. You can use it also in any funny situation.

If you can search for rolling eyes on the internet right now, you will notice that the rolling eyes’ image is not the same in any platform, like in Apple, Google, and Microsft. The image of rolling eyes in Microsft has a much thicker outer circle line than Apple and Google, and Google made it a little sad face, and Apple with just a neutral look.

Distraught Face Emoji

You can also call the Distraught Face emoji, the Weary Face, it has craggy brows, closed eyes, and a big frowning mouth. It belongs to the most popular emojis that people are using because of its capability to portray multiple emotions like sadness, disappointment, frustration, shock, and more. The Distraught Face emoji is very close to Tired Face emoji.

You can also have an animal distraught or weary face, which is very cute. Using Distraught or Weary face in other applications like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and other operating system has provided their version the same as the Rolling Eyes.

Thinking Face Emoji

Most people use the Thinking Face emoji if they try to think something before replying to the other person’s question. Others use Thinking Face emoji if they are curious about or if they want to imply that they are thinking seriously. The thinking face emoji is also known as The thinker, throwing shade, or chin thumb emoji.

You can pair the thinking face emoji to light bulb emoji or the thought balloon emoji, representing severe thinking. A lot of emojis features a hand on the face like the shushing face, face with a hand covering the mouth, and the hugger face emoji.

Rolling on the Floor Laughing Face Emoji

Rolling on the Floor Laughing Face is an emoji equal to LMFAO. It has a yellow face with a vast laugh accompanied by X-like eyes, and a slightly tilted head. The Rolling on the Floor Laughing Face or ROFL is closely related to the Face with Tear of Joy, but ROFL is just more intense than the other.

Loudly Crying Face Emoji

Loudly Crying Face is the second most used emoji of all time just following behind the emoji Face with Tears of Joy. Powerfully Crying Face emoji often used to portray sadness, grief, disappointment, anger, and other negative emotion. You can identify this emoji by its plain, direct, and tore face.

Loudly Crying Face became very famous after its release back in 2010, and after then, Loudly Crying Face emoji became one of the most popular emoji until know. Although, it can never win against its cousin Face With Tears of Joy emoji, which ranked as the number 1 of all time used emoji.

Face with Tears of Joy Emoji

The back to the back winner for being the most popular emoji, the Face with Tears of Joy, is commonly used in any situation, especially if both groups share funny stories and events. Do not be confused about the Rolling on the Floor Laughing and the Loudly Crying because the Face with Tears of Joy is straightforward to identify with its big smile and bright eyes.

There is also a Cat Face With Tears of Joy, which you can also exchange with the original Face with Tears of Joy emoji. Other names of Face with Tears of Joy are Laughing, LOL, Laughing Tears, and Laughing Crying emoji.

Use Emojis to convey your emotions! 

Using emojis is very helpful, especially if you share funny or even sad stories with your friends, families, and acquaintances. It adds more emotion to the conversation that you have with other people. There are more emojis that was not said here, but you can indeed find them online and even in your smartphone with tons of it.