Top 5 Word Count Tools That You Can Use Today

Word counting is a useful statistic for writing, especially in publishing, marketing, education, and legal proceedings. Using this method, you’ll be able to assess how many words your text incorporates. You will then check to see whether there is an adequate amount of numbers or whether it surpasses the limit. It is also to be noted that using a pomodoro timer while doing this task  is said to increase one’s productivity and time management.

Word counting  allows you to choose your readers. For instance, if you write a work of fiction and it’s about 95,000 words long, then there will be some readers that can’t thoroughly read your novel because of the word count. In this article, you choose from the mentioned counting tools below that suit your needs.

The word count isn’t the only factor evaluating whether the output is ideal for others and not everyone else. One of many, generally, the quality of the work itself is the most deciding factor. Although keywords and word counts still matter, Google’s boffins have confirmed that meaning and consistency are essential. 

Word Counter Tool

This character counter is a well-programmed website that offers the writers a pleasant experience while using the website’s interfaces. It is also user-friendly, you can directly type your thoughts on the box provided, and if you are using Microsoft office, you can copy and paste it to the table.

Word counter tool also features a word frequency counter. Well, it enumerates all the words that you used in the text and tally how many times you use them and how much percent they consume in your whole work. Word frequency counter is also helpful, especially for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes.

Often, having a word counting tool can give someone an idea or an outline of the content they have written and how many words or even characters it already includes are beneficial.

Word Counter

Word counter is an online editor that can enhance your writing skills, use words, and change your phrases if you have some grammatical errors or plagiarisms. Like other online editors, you can drag and you or copy and paste your work. Then, you will see the character numbers. 

While typing, you will notice that the words you type to increase or decrease because they automatically give you the number when you delete and edit them. This website also offers an auto-save feature to ensure that your work is safe, you won’t lose anything while writing them.

Besides, Word counter shows you ten keywords and how often you use them to know how the times to avoid ever using the particular word. You can see the estimated speaking and reading time for your content in the Information summary. At the same time, Reading Level indicates the level of literacy a person would need to understand the words you are using.

Word Count Tool

Word Count Tool is a text tracker that provides comprehensive statistics on the number of words, number of characters, and space-free aspects. In all well-known web browsers such as Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, this handy word counting tool runs.

Word count is a primary metric of writing. This method also provides several features such as readability, keyword density, to enhance your writing efficiency. This tool is ideal for users who write in blogs, forums, webpages, consumer reviews, and data entry. It also provides an autosave function; the text is kept in the browser so that the user will start working on it later.

Easy Word Count 

Word Counter Tool is a free word counting tool that helps you count and measure the numbered words in the phrase or text. This online method can also determine the total character or letter count, sentences, and paragraphs for the text inserted in the text box.

This web-based word counter can also help monitor how many words your text contains, notably if your writing intends to use social sites, Google Advertising, app, website headlines, or Google meta overview.

When making social networking sites, it needs to be easy to read and convenient to ingest. Each medium has its own defined amount of the viewable number of characters that can be shared. It’s essential to know the word limits for social media sites, particularly when you’re a marketing professional or web developer.

Count of words

This tool is a web-based online word counter with the feature to count the words of the sentence or paragraph. Writers drafting your book, students who thrive on their essays, employees, educators, translators, or just curious people: feel free to use it to measure the total count of words in your file.

The word cap is typically between 4,000 and 9,000 for a dissertation; 600 for a personal essay in a work application. Probably replace phrases with single words to avoid exceeding your word cap, and minimize pleonasms.


We suggest that you make sure which one is best for you. There are still other tools that we did not include. A friendly reminder, you must never forget how to write without using these websites to enhance your writing and vocabulary skills.