Highlights On Plug Connectors

Connectors are an electrical and mechanical device infused together (electro-mechanical), linking the output device to the audio cable. Connectors differ in quality, price and are picked out by their transmitting signals. Connectors are divided into balanced and unbalanced connectors. Connectors are further classified under the Analog and Digital Audio Connectors.

Analog Audio Connectors

  1. RCA Connectors accessible to professionals and carry a 10dbV user line levels for home appliances (video cassette recorder, stereo systems etc.).
  2. XLR Connectors commonly available to professionals and have the; XLR Male Used for connecting hardware inputs, the XLR Female used for microphone and diverse hardware connections and the TRS used both for input and output connections.
  3. One-quarter audio connectors are used in connecting professional and user musical appliances like speakers and amplifiers.

Digital audio connectors

  1. Sonny/Philips Digital Interface Format accessible for user-level for CD, DVD players and MiniDisc appliances.
  2. The Audio Engineering Society / European Broadcasting Union makes use of the XLR connectors suitable for a professional setup.
  3. The TOSLINK and Afar Light pie, capable of carrying diverse signals like S/PDIF


And AC-3.

It is imperative to have some primary knowledge about Power plug (ปลั๊ก ต่อ ,which is the term in Thai) to make the best use of them as a professional.

The above, however, are different audio connectors accessible in the market.  The digital connectors are more advanced than the analog, nonetheless, the analog connectors are capable of carrying digital signals too. The three XLR Connectors consist of contact points that can transfer messages from the ground and positive and negative aspects like wires. The RCA Connectors are a type of unbalanced connectors. The different kinds of connectors and 3 socket plug (ปลั๊ก สาม ตา ,which is the term in Thai)available for purchase depends on the nature of setting up it is used for(professional and user audio appliances).