Three simple tips to improve your SEO rankings in 2020

Search engine optimization is one of the most significant terms in the life an online marketer or entrepreneur. You can run ads to generate leads but SEO has its own merits.

SEO is the process of trying to rank your blog or website as high as possible on Google SERPs (search engine result pages). It requires optimization of content, creating backlinks, and to fulfill some other requirements.

Why people fail at SEO

There are around 200 factors that could affect a website’s ranking. However, not all of them are significant. You can ignore 80% of them.

There are three most important factors for ranking.

  • Backlinks – links from other websites
  • Content – in-depth content with proper keyword usage
  • RankBrain – users spending enough time on your website

If you can take care of these three, remaining factors are the least of your worries.

How to do SEO right

You must focus on your content. Try to create valuable content. Be as descriptive as possible. Explain everything in detail. Add some links.

Also, make sure you do the keyword research before start working on your content. Keyword research is essential to rank for right keywords.

If your content is good, you will get backlinks from other websites. Good content also attracts readers and increase the dwell time.

Hire experts for assistance

If you are just starting out, you will definitely have a lot of other responsibilities rather than learning and implementing SEO tactics. It is highly recommended to hire a seo company in thailand in the beginning. They will help you attain quick results. You will rank fast. You will also learn about SEO by watching them working. Learning from someone who is already in the field is better than trying and failing multiple times.

SEO takes time. It may take months to show results. Hence, it is better to work with an SEO company before you decided to go on your own.